Learning through Evaluation,
Adaptation, and Dissemination


At  LEAD Projects, we advance the quality of teaching and learning by evaluating the effectiveness and impact of educational innovations, policies, and practices within higher education. Rigorous, theory-driven methods and interdisciplinary collaborations anchor our approach to evaluation, leading to the adaptation and dissemination of evidence-based strategies in service to student learning.

We design and co-create.

  • We offer feedback on evaluation designs, data collection strategies, and methods of data analysis.
  • We craft evaluation plans for and with our clients.

We collaborate and connect.

  • We facilitate conversations among people with a stake in the programs we evaluate.
  • We integrate multiple perspectives and bridge disciplinary boundaries in our evaluation studies.

We assess and investigate.

  • We conduct evaluation studies to improve educational programs and policies related to higher education.
  • We produce scholarly work that contributes to the knowledge base of program evaluation.

We interpret and translate.

  • We help link evaluation findings to practice.
  • We help clients consider how their programs could work and examine how they actually work.

We educate and inform.

  • We educate others about the process of program evaluation from beginning to end.
  • We build understanding about the value of program evaluation.